Cell phone Signal Booster Introduction

Signal booster is a device which will lead to reduced dropped calls and even help you to extend your cell phone range.   It is suitable for operation of mobile phones in a weak signal area!


   The cell phone booster can be connected between your cell phone and the car kit that is provided with the antenna. The cell phone booster intensifies the signal level as well as the power output of your cell phone up to the maximum FCC limit that is permissible. Most of the current cell phones are capable of an output of 250 milliwatt of power. In the past, cell phones were capable of an output of 3000 watts. What the cell phone booster does is increase your current cell phone power similar to cell phones used in the past.

Improving Long Distance Calls

    Cell phone boosters help us to achieve long distance and more reliable communications. The antennas with the magnetic mount or the glass mount can be used in the car as well as in boats and trucks. The indoor cell phone coverage can also be increased to cover an area of 2500 square feet. The booster is also used to enhance wireless applications such as cell phone internet use as well as text messaging. The booster works easily with all PCS based cell phones in the range of 1900MHz.

Where our cell phone signal booster can be used?

                              Anywhere need to enhance  cell phone  signal  Strength


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