Product Name : Spy hidden 3G Camera
Model : JS-XL0115
Was Price: CNY0/0
Now Price : CNY0/0
Last update : 2011.03.06
Manufacturer : TOPCCTV


Only a few years ago, a small covert camera providing live access to video and audio from almost anywhere in the world would have been science fiction. Now a camera has been produced that can do exactly this. We bring you tiny 3g cameras hidden in clocks, radios, smoke detectors, picture frames etc. Or buy a camera and build your own spy kit.

Our unique cameras operate over the 3g network and do not need a computer. You simply call the camera from your phone to watch and hear the scene.

Covertly installable into many devices (Like Clock, Phote frame,BOOK,etc) the CWS-G3G2010 is designed to the smallest possible size whilst the 3G camera unit provides a level of remote monitoring functionality never before available.

How it works:

Compatible with any 3G SIM card across all 3G networks, it is easy to set up and use, simply insert your SIM card and battery, and you're up and running. Make a video call from any 3G phone to the camera to watch and hear live video and audio.

Any type of sensor can be fitted to work wirelessly, providing video calls to a pre registered phone number when triggered.

Including the opportunity to add and delete authorised numbers, the system's flexibility invites a range of remote commands, functions and settings.

The camera will continue working for up to 200 hours using a backup battery when disconnected from the mains power.


Internal & external Industry, Office, Home, Child care, Elderly care, Vehicles, Banks, Shops, Fly tips etc.


Remote sensor triggered live video & audio
Remote high res. image capture
Video record
Remote SMS set-up
Works on all networks, anywhere in the world*
PIN code protected
Live record to external DVR / VCR
Phone reports on camera settings, battery and signal status.

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