Product Name : Car Type GPS Tracker GPST-C5
Model : JS-XL0120
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Now Price : CNY0/0
Last update : 2011.03.25
Manufacturer : TOPCCTV


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  1. Vehicle tracking with Sirf Star III G-mouse.
  2. Microphone monitoring inside car voice.
  3. Longitude and Altitude sending used SMS function.
  4. Can cut off Vehicle wire and fuel system control using mobile phone.
  5. Easy to track using electronic map.
  6. Direct DTMF and SMS control using mobile phone.
  7. The owner can monitor his/her vehicle at any time by a phone.
  8. Global satellitic Position System watch and control the vehicle position, over-boundary, tracking and speed limit.
  9. The owner will get an alarm by phone automatically from the system if there is any illegal activation and shaken caused by car thieves.
  10. When driving, the owner can press the emergency button for help if he/she is in danger.
  11. If the power supply of the system is broken suddenly, or anti-thief host is dismantled or cut, the system will alarm automatically.
  12. The owner can call the monitoring center to real-time trace his vehicle.
  13. User could monitor the voice around the car via telephone.


Power 12V up to 36V DC
Standby consumption 20mA~28 mA
Working consumption 105 mA (Includes GSM and GPS)
GPS module SiRF Start III
Cold boot <42 Seconds
Warm boot <38 Seconds
Thermal Boot 21Seconds
C/A code 1.023 MHz chip rate
Operating temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Sensitivity -159 dbm
GSM Antenna SMA magnet antenna
GSM Band 900/1800/1900MHz
Host satellite signal output PS2
Coordinates Information WGS-84
Positioning Accuracy 3~15 meters
Transmission and decoding methods DTMF
Working Humidity 5% ~ 90%
Dimension 90mm x 55mm x 28mm
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