Product Name : 3G Mobile CAMERA MINI UFO M69 Remote Control
Model : JS-MF69
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Last update : 2011.04.12
Manufacturer : TOPCCTV

3G Mobile CAMERA MINI UFO M69 Remote Control


Camera: The camera can rotate upward at an angle up to about 40 degrees, downward at an angle up to about 5 degrees, and left and right at an angle up to about 45 degrees.
Power indicator: Indicates the level of charge in your battery. There are five colors: white, blue, cyan, green and red.
Signal indicator: Indicates local network signal strength. There are two colors: Red and Green.
Infrared spotlight: The infrared spotlight will start up automatically when the light intensity is lower than 20 LUX.
Infrared sensor: This senses daylight intensity. When the light intensity is higher than 20 LUX, the infrared spotlight will be closed and the Mobile Cam will switch to daylight working style.
MIC: An integrated microphone dedicated to receive local audio signal.


 RESET:  Restart the system. White list and password will not be affected.
 POWER: Power on/off.
In addition, M69 side there is a microphone for voice when the video phone calls.


                           1. Body 2. Screw 3/5. base 4. Ceiling

1. base with three screws fixed on the ceiling.
2. And then flying saucer and base in accordance with the direction of the arrow images into the buckle.


Getting to know your Mobile Cam M69

Empowered by the latest 3G technology, Mobile Cam is capable of receiving video phone calls automatically.
Users can dial the Mobile Cam from any WCDMA handset supporting video phone calls, and view the picture with
sound captured by the Mobile Cam anytime, anywhere.
The Mobile Cam supports video call, but doesn’t support voice call.

Technical parameters
Type Mobile Cam (Model: M69)
Weight 230g (with integrated battery)

Camera 0.3 megapixel (solar/infrared dual mode)

Continuous standby time 120-200 hours
Recording time (in sunlight environment) 7-12 hours
Recording time (in infrared environment) 3-5 hours
Video communication time (in sunlight environment) 2-3 hours
Video communication time (in infrared environment) 1.6-2.6 hours

Charging time 5 hours
Related to the power charger physical specifications, see the instructions on the labels.

Environment requirement
The Mobile Cam can be used indoors or half-outdoors -e.g. inside an automobile.
Environment parameter details are as follow:

Working temperature range:-10 C~45 C

Relative humidity: 5%~95%(without dew)

Power supply:110~220V supply, integrated spare battery
This mobile camera M69 is only used in WCDMA network.

Package inclusions

M69 WCDMA surveillance equipment 1piece
Power supply 1piece
Fixing bracket 1piece
Fixing screw 3pieces
M69 user manual 1piece

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