Product Name : New 3G Video Camera Mobile Control
Model : JS-XL0145
Was Price: CNY0/0
Now Price : CNY0/0
Last update : 2011.05.23
Manufacturer : TOPCCTV

You can control and configure the camera by SMS command. It is easy and simple operation, offers true security and peace of mind. It is exactly a practical, economical remote surveillance and security solution for house and office.


1.This product uses USIM card, supporting WCDMA 3G network

*2.Matching CMOS camera and infrared led, it supports wireless video monitoring in 24 hours

*3.You can send SMS to control camera remotely and check anywhere secretly and  safely

*4.Multimode alarm: camera can send alarm messages by SMS, video call, voice call

*5.Sensor detection: Max 15 wireless alarm sensors can be added

*6.Support to record the alarming image to the camera

*7.Up to 10 telephone numbers can be pre-stored in the system

*8.Wireless remote control: it can arm, disarm or send emergency alarm

*9.Special camera: 300,000 pixel CMOS camera

*10.Easy installation: wireless connection. The product can ce installed at any place you wanted

*11.Built-in lithiun battery: rechargeable battery ensuring operation in case of external power failure

*12.Real-time video: you can call the video phone to check the image of monitoring area anytime and anywhere.

*13.Application: taking care of the elders and children,in housr,school,monitoring shop,bus,ship,and train etc.

Package List:

*Power adapter
*Remote control*2
*User manual
*CD driver

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